Appointment for Voting Proxy – Form 3

Municipal Elections Act, 1996 (section 44)

Municipal Elections Act, 1996 (section 44)


If you are a qualified elector and are unable to vote at either the Regular or Advance Polls, you can appoint a proxy voter to vote on your behalf. 

Proxies must be on a prescribed form (Form 3) that has been issued and certified by the Clerk’s Office.

The Proxy forms are only available for issue by contacting or visiting the Clerk’s Office (33 Talbot Street South) during regular business hours at 519-776-7336. 

Once a qualified elector has appointed another qualified elector as a Proxy by completing Step 1 of Form 3 the person so appointed must bring Form 3 and required identification documents to the Clerk’s Office (33 Talbot Street South) for certification during regular business hours (up to and including Oct 21, 2022). 

PLEASE NOTE: During the Advance Voting Days (October 8, October 12, October 15 and October 19) NO PROXY CERTIFICATIONS WILL BE DONE AT THE ADVANCE VOTING LOCATIONS. If on an advance voting day an elector wishes to be issued and/or or certify a proxy form they can only do so by visiting the Clerk’s Office at 33 Talbot Street South during the Hours of 12 p.m. to 5 pm.

PLEASE NOTE:  No Proxy forms will be issued or certified on Election Day October 24, 2022.


Robert W. Auger
Returning Officer
Town Solicitor/Clerk
Town of Essex
33 Talbot Street South, Essex, Ontario N8M 1A8


Fax: 519-776-8811

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