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Exercise your right to vote! Have your say about the Town of Essex and its future.

The 2022 Municipal Election will take place on Monday, October 24, 2022 using a paper ballot system and optical scan vote tabulator machines for counting.

The Clerk's Office conducts the municipal election. The office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM at 33 Talbot Street South, Essex. For phone inquiries, please call 519-776-7336 extension 2022.

Council Offices to be Elected

All eligible Voters will have the opportunity to vote for the election of both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor (at large election) and the number of Councilors to be elected by eligible voters in each ward are the following:

  • Ward 1: Two (2) Councillors
  • Ward 2: One (1) Councillor
  • Ward 3: Two (2) Councillors
  • Ward 4: One (1) Councillor

School Board Offices to be elected (as applicable)

View the Town of Essex Ward Map.

For detailed information concerning the Election  please see the 2022 Voter's guide for Ontario municipal council and school board elections or contact the Clerk's Department at 519-776-7336 extension 2022.

Voting Dates and Locations

View a list of voting dates and locations for the 2022 Municipal Election.

Election Accessibility Plan

Learn about the Election Accessibility Plan.

Find your Ward to determine which candidates you can vote for.

Additional Information

Registered voters will receive Voter Notification Cards in the mail in late September or early October. Your card will provide information on Advance Voting Days, Election Day, voting locations, polls, and accessible voting equipment. Please bring this card with you to the poll. It will help election staff to identify you as an elector and it will speed up the election process.

Commencing September 1 until the close of voting on voting day (October 24), a person may submit to the Town an application to have their name added to or removed from the voters’ list, or to have their information on the voters’ list amended. To be added to the Voters’ List you are required to meet all of the following criteria as outlined in the Municipal Election Act.

Please complete the “Application to Amend the Voters’ List” if you:

  • Are a Canadian Citizen
  • Are at least 18 years old on election day
  • Reside in the local municipality or are the owner or tenant of land in the local municipality or spouse of such a person; and
  • Not otherwise prohibited by law from voting.

We will require to view one of the following documents to confirm that you are a Canadian Citizen:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Card

To complete this application you will need to fill it out in person (provided at the locations below) together with the required identification to either of the following locations from Monday to Friday:

  • Between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM until October 21, 2022 at the Essex Municipal Building, 33 Talbot Street South, Essex, Ontario, N8M 1A8
  • Between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM until October 21, 2022 at the Harrow and Colchester South Arena, 243 McAffee Street, Harrow, Ontario, N0R 1G0

On Election Day this application will be accepted at your Voting location.

If you have any questions please contact our office at 519-776-7336 extension 2022.



If you are unable to vote on an Advance Voting Day or Election Day, you can appoint a proxy voter. Proxies must be on a prescribed form and be certified by the Office of the Clerk.

Proxy forms are only available as issued by the Clerk's Office. Proxy Forms not issued by the Clerk’s Office will not be accepted under any circumstances.. Any use of a Proxy or a Proxy form must be in compliance with Section 44 of the Municipal Elections Act and the Town of Essex Municipal Election Proxy Procedures Policy :

Municipal Election Proxy Procedures Policy

In particular :

  1. The appointment of a voting proxy can only be made commencing August 22, 2022.
  2. An elector may only act as a proxy for:
    (a) one other qualified elector who is not a relative; or
    (b) one or more qualified electors who are relatives, using separate proxy Application Forms for each.
  3.  Only a qualified elector who wishes to appoint a voting proxy may request and obtain a Proxy Application Form that is to be marked as being issued from the Town of Essex Clerks office or from designated election officials appointed by the Clerk (hereinafter the “Clerks Office”).
  4. Only Proxy Application Forms marked and issued by the Clerks Office will be eligible for certification by the Clerk. Any Proxy Applications forms submitted for certification that have not been requested through the Clerks office and not marked as issued by the Clerks Office will not be accepted for certification. 
  5. Candidates will be instructed to refer any Proxy Application Form requests to the Clerks Office. Proxy Application Forms marked and issued by Clerks Office will not be provided to candidates, although candidates may request a proxy or act as a proxy in their own
  6. On the date (s) of any Advance Vote (s) Proxy Application Forms can only be presented for certification at the Essex Municipal Building Clerks Office which will be open for such purposes between the hours of 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Proxy Application Forms that are presented for certification at the Voting Place location will not be accepted.  Only certified Proxy Application Form forms will be received by election officials at the Voting Place location(s).


Proxy certification services will not be available on Election Day.



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